Postcards to Josh was the brainwave of his good friend Victoria Trow.     Victoria created the site within months of Josh dying … “Whenever I met up with Josh he would tell me about all the places he wanted to travel to, all the things he wanted to see and do. This is a blog where we can post postcards from our travels to him. Tell him about what we liked, didn’t like, what he would have liked or moaned about! Whether it’s a photograph of a tropical beach in the South Pacific, a hand drawn postcard from Chalford or a porno postcard from Amsterdam, this blog is a place where we can show Josh what we are up to and show one other. A place to share stories and memories. This way we are taking Josh around the world to all the places that he would have wanted to visit.” Thanks Victoria – from the bottom of our hearts – its a brilliant idea and we love it. (Josh’s family)

Please send physical postcards to:

Postcards To Josh

1 Cotswold Place, Chalford Hill,  Stroud, Gloucestershire,GL6 8EJ

Please send digital postcards to:


and don’t forget to visit our special memorial site for Josh



One response to “About

  1. Joe Edmonds

    This is truly a wonderful idea…… x

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