from Valerie in Falkirk Scotland

valerie dec 14valerie 2 dec 14

Valerie – thank you so much for your card.  What a lovely gesture especially at this time when we miss him so much – I’m sure he would’ve love The Kelpies.   His grandparents were Scots and his Mum is a Scot but despite many a journey across the border I don’t think he ever went to Falkirk.  best wishes Jimmy


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One response to “from Valerie in Falkirk Scotland

  1. Valerie Bleau

    Jimmy, you are most welcome.
    Like you and your wife I have two sons and a daughter. A very special family combination I am sure you will agree!
    The Kelpies are quite incredible, and the best reason ever to visit Falkirk . A friend of my sister’s was involved in their creation , a young man who is sadly no longer with us. Those tiny marks at the foot of the sculptures are people!
    Best wishes to you and your family at this bittersweet time.
    May 2015 be filled with love and joy for you all.
    Kindest regards from Valerie

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