from Jesse in Burma and from Jess in London



Two lovely cards we have received today Joshua’s 26th birthday.      As they are addressed to us Josh’s family we won’t publish the whole of what they say – but from Burma Jesse (above) writes … ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHUA !! who knows where he’d be or what he’d be doing to celebrate but I can imagine it would involve a drink so I will be cheering for him in Burma …”  and Jess (Carmody Nathan) in London (below) pens … “Dear Jane, Jimmy, Joe, Rosa and most of all Josh, Just wanted to say that you are all in my mind today and I am thinking of you and sending all the love, hugs and sloppy kisses your way …”



Thank you both for these cards – you don’t know how much they mean for us to receive such kind and supportive messages – in your different ways you have recognised that we are still a family of FIVE bound as much by our love as by our grief.




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