From the family in Budapest


Dear Josh, This was us Christmas day at the Szechenyi Spa in Budapest.   You would have absolutely loved it here.    I took lots of photos and they remind me of the ones we have of you and Rosa in the pool at CentreParcs.    Have to say the pools in Budapest are a lot more fun, with loads of different pools and steam rooms and saunas etc.   and guys playing chess which you would have appreciated no doubt.    We miss you so much but somehow we get through.   Its really tough sometimes and then somedays its Ok but overall its still so hard and still so unbelievable trying to think that you aren’t coming back from your holidays.   My mind gets all twisted up – on the surface we kind of do OK but underneath there’s still such a lot of pain missing you.     What can I say – I don’t want you to know how much we hurt but we need to say it because we love you so much and want you back so we can enjoy our holidays again together.    (will post some more pics in a while)  xxx   Papa (and Mum and Joe and Rosa)


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